Alexandria singer-songwriter Liv Dawn admits reaching the final of a prestigious BBC competition opened her eyes to the music industry.

The 21-year-old former Vale of Leven Academy pupil was a finalist in the inaugural BBC Young Singer-Songwriter of the Year Award, playing live at Saint Luke’s in Glasgow in front of an audience that included some of the most influential figures in the music industry and to the nation on Radio Scotland.

The experience was an incredible one for Liv, who only decided to pursue a full-time career in music after leaving college.

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She said: “It was just a blur looking back now.

“It was absolutely amazing, the whole experience was great – it was just so professional.

“We had to be there for 1pm for a sound check, and then we were interviewed for Reporting Scotland and had quite a few meetings.

“I’ve probably done a gig that’s about that size, but there were cameras everywhere and everyone was silent and staring at you. Normally at gigs you get people talking or not really paying attention, but it was so intense.

“It really opened my eyes to the intensity you have to have to keep you going and not let anyone knock you down, you need people to help you and give you advice, I’ve really realised that I can’t go it alone.”

Liv also revealed that all the finalists were keen to ignore the competitive aspect, after becoming friends in the build-up to last Thursday’s gig.

Liv with the other finalists
(Image: Lennox Herald)

She added: “To be honest we didn’t want to be in a competition because we all worked together. “

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And those friendships have led to plans being formed for the future.

Liv added: “Between the four of us we’re planning wee tours together. I’m obviously closest to Glasgow, Scott is from Aberdeen and Mike and Gus are from Edinburgh, so we are planning on doing a gig in Glasgow which I’ll headline, then a gig in Aberdeen that Scott will headline and a couple in Edinburgh for the two other guys.”

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