Anne-Marie has considered quitting music four times for the sake of her mental health.


The ‘Birthday’ singer has spoken openly about being gripped with depression and anxiety since finding fame, and she’s admitted her feelings have left her doubting her career – but realising she’s fulfilling a childhood dream keeps her going.

She said: “I’ve had to have chats with my team and my family but I always come back round to doing it. It goes back to that thought of me in my room when I was younger and that takes over everything.

“I’m so lucky, obviously, to be able to do this. I f***ing hate myself sometimes because there are so many people who crave to do what I’m doing and be who I am. I feel bad because I’m not enjoying it sometimes.

“I’m like, ‘Why the f**k am I taking this opportunity away from somebody else who could be loving life?’ So it’s a battle with myself more than fame.”

Anne-Marie has tried several different therapies and support groups and is doing her best to overcome her difficulties.

She told Gay Times magazine: “I’ve been to therapy and I’ve had hypnotherapy and attended loads of different support groups, so I’m just trying to learn about myself every single day and see how I can help myself and others in the process.”

The 29-year-old star finds it tough getting up on stage because she hates being “looked at” but her love of music gets her through her performances.

She said: “I really don’t like being looked at and I literally have to stand on stage in front of people.

“It just overrides everything .When I’m in the moment, the adrenaline is pumping and you’re kind of just coping with being in a dreamworld and it isn’t until I leave the stage where I’m like, ‘F**k’.

“It’s weird because everyone goes, ‘We know you for your laugh’ or ‘You’re so confident’ and I’m like, ‘You want to see me when I’m in my room on my own because it’s like a completely different person’.

“It’s not that I don’t want to show that side of me, because I really try to on social media. I want people to see that it’s not all bows and cakes and happiness. It’s hard.”