Brian May vows to make new music despite health scares
Brian May vows to make new music despite health scares

Brian May is determined to make new music despite his recent health scare.

Brian May

The Queen rocker was rushed to hospital last month after suffering a heart attack which left him needing three stents fitted to clear blocked arteries, and came not long after he “ripped” his gluteus maximus while gardening.

And although he’s still “recovering slowly” from his injuries, Brian has vowed to carry on rocking, and has managed to “crawl” his way to his home studio to work on new music.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, he said: “I’m still crawling around the house on my hands and knees – not very rock star like. I actually managed to get to the music room. Hopefully one day I’ll be functional and we’ll do some great stuff.”

Meanwhile, Brian recently revealed how grateful he was to have received kind messages of support following his health battle.

In a video posted to social media, the 72-year-old musician said: “I’m overwhelmed and really more touched by the torrent of love and support that’s come back at me after all the coverage in the press, I really didn’t expect all that.

“As you can see I’m OK. My email box and everything else is so full of incredible messages, I will never be able to thank you all individually, so let me please at least thank you all here.

“This is going to sound really strange but I sort of feel like I died and yet I was able to come to the funeral and see all the tributes.”

The ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ hitmaker had previously explained his heart attack was “small”, but lasted 40 minutes.

Whilst discussing his gardening injury, he said: “I was shocked, I thought I was a healthy guy. Everyone says I’ve got a great blood pressure and I keep fit, I bike, good diet.

“I had – in the middle of the whole saga of the painful backside – I had a small heart attack. I say small, it’s not something that did me any harm. It was about 40 minutes of pain in the chest and tightness.”