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K-pop’s popularity in the U.K. has been growing by leaps and bounds throughout the past several years, and in that time, one band has established themselves as the most successful in the field by quite a large margin. Now, one of the members of that group has pushed even further forward, making a name for himself in a very impressive way in the process.

BTS member J-Hope debuts his new solo single “Chicken Noodle Soup” at No. 82 on the U.K. songs ranking this week, securing his first placement apart from the group that made him a star. He is now the first of the seven people in the K-pop outfit to break into the top 100 without the others, and that’s significant.

Combining the music he’s released as a member of BTS and now his solo effort, J-Hope can claim to be the K-pop musician with the most chart hits in U.K. history. Between the two careers he’s made for himself, the multitalented artist has scored 10 charting singles inside the top 100, a first among K-pop artists.

Nine of J-Hope’s 10 singles that have found a space on the tally are BTS cuts, but now that he’s reached the ranking under his own name, there may be more music on the way that will perform similarly, if not better. If any other member of BTS is able to replicate his feat and send a solo track to the chart at some point in the future (which doesn’t seem like a stretch), they will match his accomplishment, though by that point, J-Hope may have moved ahead even further.

Most other K-pop acts who have reached the U.K. singles chart have only done so a few times, and at this point, J-Hope’s closest competitor is…BTS.

Here are all 10 of J-Hope’s placements on the U.K. songs ranking, including his solo work and the material he released with BTS.

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No. 13 – BTS – “Boy with Luv (ft. Halsey)”

No. 21 – BTS – “Idol”

No. 42 – BTS – “Fake Love”

No. 46 – BTS – “Mic Drop”

No. 57 – Steve Aoki – “Waste It on Me (ft. BTS)”

No. 61 – BTS – “Dream Glow (ft. Charli XCX)”

No. 71 – BTS – “Make It Right”

No. 74 – BTS – “Mikrokosmos”

No. 82 – J-Hope – “Chicken Noodle Soup (ft. Becky G)”

No. 90 – BTS – “DNA”