What type of art do you do?

I write and perform music.

What draws you to this?

I’ve always had a love for music. I come from a family of musicians so I’ve been around music my whole life. I’d say the one thing that draws me to music the most is how it can stir peoples’ emotions. It has amazing power to do that.

How long have you been creating music? Is this a new skill or something that you’ve been focusing on for a long time?

I’ve always been in or around music in some form or another my whole life, but I’d say I became serious about creating my own original music when I was in my early 20s. I’ve always been a creative person and have practiced many different forms of art throughout my life. I studied art in college and earned my degree in it (BFA in Fine Art and Graphic Design). Music however has always captured my heart the most.

Are you working on a piece or project now?

Yes. I am putting the finishing touches on a new album. It has 12 songs. Eleven of them are originals and there is going to be one reimagined cover song that I’ve done in my own style. The album has a classic country vibe with touches of soul and roots rock mixed in.

I’m extremely happy with how it all came out. I recorded it at Drum Farm Studios in Menomonie and was fortunate to have some amazing local musicians help in the production of it. I’m looking forward to releasing it in the weeks to come. Keep an eye on my website www.TonyCuchetti.com and social media outlets.

What inspires you to make your art?

I’ve always been inspired by music as an art form because you can convey so much in a small package. You can tell a story and conjure imagery through emotion by combining certain tonal qualities and rhythms. It’s extremely fun and challenging and always pushes me to experiment. The biggest inspiration though is seeing how it makes people feel and connecting with them in a very special way.

Who are your biggest influences?

I have way too many to list! I love all styles of music and draw different things from each of them. It’s hard to narrow down my biggest influences, they are evolving constantly just like any great art should.

Has the coronavirus pandemic affected your work at all? How? Have you been able to work around it or adjust your creation process?

I am a full-time working musician and earn all of my income from music. So from a financial standpoint, yes it’s very much affected me. From an artistic standpoint though it hasn’t really changed much other than given me more time to focus on creating music which has been great.

I don’t dwell on the negative side that this has all brought about. Doing that does no good at all. It’s better to focus on how you can use what is being handed to you for bettering yourself and others around you. Being angry or depressed is not going to change anything. Creating a thought-provoking or inspirational piece of art could change someone’s world, or if nothing else make them feel good.

Anything else that you want to share about yourself or your work?

I think that about wraps it up. I’m not one to talk about myself much. I’d rather let my music do the explaining.