A musician who turned his living room into a recording studio has been threatened with an ASBO if he makes too much noise.

Council tenant Scott Samson, who once jammed with The One And Only hit-maker Chesney Hawkes, received a letter from Dundee City Council saying complaints of loud music coming from his property in Kerr Street, in Lochee, had been made by neighbours.

Neighbourhood services officers warned they would carry out an investigation – including the use of sound monitoring equipment – if any further complaints were received.

The letter reads: “Any evidence gathered during the course of such investigations may be used to pursue further action against you, including the possibility of legal action.

Scott Samson.

Bassist Scott, 52, said he was “disappointed” by the decision, claiming he mainly used headphones when recording.

He said: “I’ve lived here 17 years but over the last few month’s I’ve had a few issues.

“Music is my life and I’ve been working away fairly quietly here on material from home.

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“Most of the time I’m rehearsing with the headphones in and I’m only really playing during the day.”

As well as jamming with one hit wonder Hawkes, Scott has also played with Spanish rock giants Sopa de Cabra.

He previously played in Dundee band Park Avenue at venues across the city, as well as performing in a group called Family Affair which once played to crowds of thousands in Germany, Denmark and Ibiza.

© DC Thomson

Scott’s home in Kerr Street.

Due to financial constraints the musician explained he had been “quietly” working on material from home, including tracks which were produced by session musician and former Average White Band member, Mike Fraser.

Although the tracks were produced back in the early nineties Scott is hoping they can be released amongst new material. Scott said: “I’ve also got previously un-released stuff which I’m looking to get out there as well.

© DC Thomson

Scott in his studio.

“I’m not sure if it’s rock ‘n’ roll at my age to be getting potentially slapped with an ASBO but it’s certainly laughable.

“The living room was sound proofed but the council had deemed it a fire hazard. I’d spent a few month’s sound proofing it.

“It was never that loud but I wanted to ensure there was no issue for my neighbours.

“It wasn’t my intention to upset the neighbours.”