For 11 years Lucknow’s Music in the Fields country music festival has brought out a huge crowd, reaching over 8000 attendees from both near and far, to enjoy great lineups of popular musicians.

Some big names that were featured this year include Madeline Merlo, Blue Rodeo, James Barker Band, Kim Mitchell and Billy Currington.

The event has given Lucknow a name beyond our community, and brings in tourists who support local businesses. The festival also brings in local vendors and food trucks, and supports their community with an emerging artist stage.

The emerging artist winner this year went to “Thorn and Roses”, with “MacKenzie Leigh Meyer” coming in as runner-up.

The Lucknow Kinsmen have also raised over $1,000,000 over the eleven years, for Cystic Fibrosis Canada.

Some popular daytime events included lasso tossing, bull riding, horse races, blow up games, volleyball and other sports.

The event relies on community support, from using farmland for camping to each and every volunteer that makes Lucknow’s Music in the Fields so successful year after year.

Aaron Cellini, of Fergus, throws a pitch at Lucknow’s Music in the Fields, while waiting for the show to start. Hannah MacLeod/Lucknow Sentinel

Travis Morrison, Owen Sound, tries his hand at riding the mechanical bull, which was a popular daytime activity at Lucknow’s Music in the Fields. Hannah MacLeod/Lucknow Sentinel

Olivia Brown, Shalen Kernighan and Zoe Maize, of Lucknow enjoyed food and games prior to the opening act. Hannah MacLeod/Lucknow Sentinel

Saturday’s opening band, Sons of Daughters, brought out a big crowd to set the tone for the rest of the evening. Hannah MacLeod/Lucknow Sentinel

Groups of up to six could play “Hungry, Hungry Hippos”, a blow-up rendition of the board game, where you act as the hippo, being pulled back by an elastic band. Whoever retrieved the most balls from the pit in the centre won. Hannah MacLeod/Lucknow Sentinel

Lindsay Goetz, Matt Benoit, John Hancock, Michelle Goetz and Cindy Friolet, of Kitchener, preffered to watch the show from the comfort of their campsite. Hannah MacLeod/Lucknow Sentinel

Emerging Artist MacKenzie Leigh Meyer, of Hamilton, broke in the side stage on Saturday evening’s show at Lucknow’s Music in the Fields. Hannah MacLeod/Lucknow Sentinel

Friends Ken Merchant, Kellie Reed, Rob Mann, Trish Mann, Sandra Batchelor, Ken Hogg and Chase Loosemore took advantage of the Festival bringing them all together to hold their second annual cornhole tournament. The tournament is in memory of Loosemore’s late father, Darryl. FIfty people were competing in their tournament, and the winner received bragging rights and a personalied MITF jacket. The group comes from all over, including Owen Sound, Flesherton, Wingham and Point Clark. Hannah MacLeod/Lucknow Sentinel

Alyssa Cronin had a blast volunteering for her first year at Lucknow’s Music in the Fields. Hannah MacLeod/Lucknow Sentinel