Stunning listeners with the authenticity and moving brilliance that he brings to the Americana and Folk scene; seasoned artist Kevin Danzig is driven to move onward and upward, with his captivating single, “The Mystery of Faith”.

Avon, Colorado – July 6th, 2021 – Rising artist Kevin Danzig is set to stun listeners once again, with his enriching and soulful musical compositions, traversing through the varied genres of Folk, Americana, and Acoustic music.

Aiming to release his newest single, “The Mystery of Faith” on July 6th, 2021, on Spotify, the eclectic artist hopes to capture the true spirit of the genre, striking all the right chords with his song writing and mixes.

Co-written by John “Roc” Rothrock and Ken E Keller, “The Mystery Of Faith” was the dynamic product that came out of jamming sessions at Roc’s house in Denver last summer. The melodic composition was penned mainly by Kevin Danzig himself, and stresses beautifully upon the intricate tensions of faith in a relationship and its mystery aspects. Recorded in May 2021, in Cape Girardeau in Missouri with the buzzing talent at iobeamstudio2, “Mystery of Faith” explores the complexity of love and pertinent questions that strike lovers: whether it will last for good and whether there will be a blessing from the universe to map out the future in a positive light.

Playing the role of the lead singer, Kevin Danzig also plays the acoustic and lead classical guitar, and keyboards, complementing splendid drumming by Jimmy Brotherton. The new single has been co-produced by Ken E Keller, who also plays bass guitar on the track. With “The Mystery of Faith”, the talented artist is hopeful that he will spur conversations about love and faith, while making sure that listeners are continually enthralled with his rich and soulful musical composition.

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Kevin Danzig is a long-time veteran of the Folk/Americana scene, having recorded 10 albums from original material. The dynamic artist currently based in the Colorado Rocky Mountains often tours in the “off” season and has also performed in every state but Alaska for decades. Known as a true American Troubadour, the eclectic artist was always moved by the powerful force of music and has ever since been engrossed in the Alternative and Acoustic genres, releasing soulful compositions which grace his discography. Currently, Kevin is involved in ongoing projects with the Buzz Drivers and Brite Lites, both bands which are based in Colorado. His music can be streamed on all major streaming platforms, and CDs of his music can be purchased at his website.



Name: Kevin Danzig
Phone Number: (970)-389-5026
Email Address: [email protected]