Father passes down love for music to son

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn.–Many Americans are expressing their feelings about the death of George Floyd, in many different ways such as music.

Father Adrian Perkins, taught his son how to play drums.

“I like when he plays on the piano and I like when I play on the drums,” said Perkins Jr..

A.J. Perkins is the permanent drummer of New Revelation Baptist Church in Brownsville, at only six years old.

“It feels good, my heart be beating so hard,” said Perkins Jr.

Little A.J. said he beats the drums every Sunday, for virtual church services.

“They love his style, I mean he’s not nervous when it comes to Sunday mornings, I mean he’s usually the first one on the drums,” said Perkins.

Perkins wants his son to pursue music as he gets older.

He said learning music will turn his son into a more well-rounded man.

“You know me having a passion for music and then my son to come up following my footsteps,” said Perkins.

“It makes me be on my p’s and q’s because I know that I have a six year old, watching everything that I do,” says Perkins.

“I love him, I want him to be there for me,” said Perkins Jr.

Little A.J. said he’s going to continue to pursue music to make his dad proud.