Greek-American Writers Association Presented an Evening of Plays, Music and Wine

By Eleni Sakellis
November 11, 2019

The actors from the three short plays presented by the Greek-American Writers Association took a final bow all together. Photo by Eleni Sakellis

NEW YORK – The Greek-American Writer’s Association presented an evening of short plays, music, and wine at St. John’s in the Village in Manhattan on November 8. In spite of the unseasonably cold temperatures that night, attendees filled the church for the performance of the three plays, Comfortable by Nicholas Vasilios Pappas, The Arranged Matrimony by Anwar N. Suleiman, and The Furniture Play by Penelope Karageorge.

Karageorge, who directed her play and co-directed Suleiman’s play and is also a contributor to …

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