‘I love the sound of music’ – Inspirational blind pianist takes over Newcastle’s Central Station
‘I love the sound of music’ – Inspirational blind pianist takes over Newcastle’s Central Station

Music lights up 15-year-old Ethan Cramer’s life who was born blind.

The inspirational teen from Middlesbrough started playing the piano at just 18 months old and since has become a talented musician.

And he has been entertaining commuters this week at Newcastle’s Central Station.

He said: “I couldn’t imagine a world without music.

“When I was younger, I loved the sound of music and was fascinated by people’s different takes on it.”

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Ethan was born with a condition called septo optic dysplasia, resulting in him being born blind.

When Ethan was three, his Nana, Sandra Gordon, was taken by surprise as she overheard him play a nursery rhyme that he had memorised.

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The 67-year-old said: “When Ethan was born blind we were thinking about what we could do, so the first thing we did was buy a kids roll up piano which he started to play when 18 months old.

“When he was three, I was listening to him play and realised that he was playing a nursery rhyme.

“I was amazed. He had obviously listened, remembered and then played it at such a young age!

“I am so proud, he’s just my life, he’s an amazing kid.”

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Following this special moment that made his Nana recognised her grandson’s natural talent, she booked him piano lessons.

From there his talent started to grow and at 9 years old the family bought him his own Yamaha piano to practise his skills.

He has since learnt how to play the guitar, writes his own music and songs, and is currently teaching himself to sing.

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Prior to Ethan’s visit at Newcastle Central Station the family as a surprise contacted the local charity, Daft as a Brush, who have introduced the piano back to the station, to ask if Ethan was able to play.

The charity’s staff were delighted with Ethan’s visit and welcomed his amazing talent, performed on their piano.

Ethan has gone on to play at many events including the Sage in Gateshead and the Middlesbrough town hall.

He’s playing at Middlesbrough Mela, on 17th August and The Thrift at Redcar September 14th.

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He also plays at his local pub The Dormans at open mic night every Sunday.

The inspirational teen has proven that there are no barriers when living with a disability and is passionate to progress a career as singer/song writer in the future.

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He said: “It’s what I want to be, I write my own songs and lyrics and I want to be a singer/song writer and get into the music business.”

The musical talent runs in the family as Ethan’s younger brother, 9-year-old Ashton Cramer, loves to play his brother’s songs.

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He said: “I play the ukulele and drums along to my brother’s songs.

“I don’t know how Ethan does it, I think it’s cool how he knows where the keys are.”

Thankfully Ethan got into music at a young age which has made a huge impact to his life.

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