Sumomo is also known as Thoth Music is known for formulating tunes that send encouraging messages that resonate with the masses.

Honolulu, HI — June 24th, 2022- Thoth Music Publishing is a small company and organization based in Honolulu, Hawaii, run by Sumomo. The company generally exists to promote music, health/lifestyle, entertainment, and martial arts. This myriad of jobs requires the company to be able to promote all of the projects with honesty and grit. When it comes to the musical message that Thoth Music wishes to spread there is no doubt that the musical tunes speak for themselves. This music envisions itself as a beacon of hope and inspiration in distraught times.

This new single is a representation of this mission- the mission to use music as a model of positive reinforcement for all. In this sense, the rising star believes in a simple vision; a vision that the musical production is done by Thoth Music should be empowering. It is for this reason that this new single encourages deep spiritual thought with scintillating tunes that sync with one’s heartbeat.

Sumomo firmly believes that music has a unique connecting feature wherein it can communicate with the masses with immense proficiency. It also can rely on the specificity of one’s own culture with universal intent. This eccentric mix of electronic music is creating new waves in the music industry with its ecstatic influence on the masses.

The musician wants his martial arts school to flourish, and wants to produce two movie screenplays, and put out a book all in the near future. Since Sumomo’s name loosely means “preach”, the artist wishes to work day in and out to ensure that he preaches the right message to those in need of guidance.

Stream the inspiring artist’s music on YouTube as well as Spotify on the following link here Follow the artist’s official social media page on Instagram for updates on newer music. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out through this email [email protected].




Head Instructor at the 嶺雲剣会道場 Rei Un Ken Kai Dōjō school of Kendo located in the Kenshikan Dojo at the Japanese Cultural Center (JCC) of Hawai’i, Sumomo has ambitious plans for Thoth Music Production. Accomplished in many martial art forms, Sumomo also known as Sensei Smalls has made numerous appearances on TV, in printed media, movies showing his knowledge & skill in the Martial Arts. Sensei Smalls is a 5th Dan (rank) in Kendo but is not limited to just the art of the sword. The musician is also Budo which means he has mastered various other Martial Arts such as hand-to-hand combat and other combative arts.

For the inspiring musician, Thoth Studios Publishing is the ultimate one-stop facility that is here to provide for all of your entertainment needs. It works the encouragement of the common man through music, media entertainment, as well as martial arts. In doing so, Sumomo has cemented the musical production house as a sure stop for all your entertainment needs!


Thoth Music
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