I cannot fully express how excited I am to be writing a weekly column on local music and shows.

First, a little introduction: I’ve been volunteering with the low-power FM station KWSS 93.9 FM for nearly 13 years. I started as the midday DJ and moved to mornings last year. We are the only Phoenix FM station that regularly spins local independent musicians and have been 100 percent independent since 2005.

My goal each week is to share a few of the shows coming up in the weekend ahead and some of the local ear candy I’ve been consuming. You can also email me with new music and shows at [email protected].

So, let’s get to it.

New Chums’ new EP, Future Towns, has a sunny California vibe.

New Chums

First, we’re going back in time to last weekend with a band that have a sunny California vibe that fits perfectly in Phoenix. Power pop-rock quartet New Chums released their latest EP, Future Towns, on September 27. The shiny new EP is five tracks guaranteed to get you dancing with creative guitar riffs and the unique vocal sound of lead singer Seth Boyack.

My personal favorite is “Burn It Down,” but each track is a fun addition to your daily listening. New Chums are fresh off opening for Barnes Courtney at Tempe Marketplace and the Ghost Songs book release show at Last Exit Live. You can find their new EP and all the ways to listen right here.

With that fall feeling in the air this coming weekend, people will want to get out and take in a show or two (I’ve been known to show-hop). I will be at The Rebel Lounge on Saturday, October 5, for the Paper Foxes show celebrating the release of Popular Confessions, their debut album. The cult band, which formed in 2016, are known for their disco bass hooks and a foreboding, yet polished pop sound.

The album is eight tracks of indie-alt pop goodness, or as Phoenix New Times once coined them, “death-disco.” As an ’80s kid, I instantly connected with their dark wave dance style. It comes through in “Dance of the Dead,” their first single, but “Devil On My Shoulder” and “Get Off The Wall” are also highlights.

Popular Confessions is available now wherever you stream music. Joining Paper Foxes are Fairy Bones, Broken Baby, and The Bittersweet Way.

Paper Foxes are scheduled to perform at The Rebel Lounge on Saturday, October 5. Tickets are available via Eventbrite.

Dani Cutler is the morning show host on independent radio station KWSS 93.9 FM, which supports local independent artists as part of its regular alternative music rotation. She has been volunteering for the station since 2007. You’ll often find her out at a show or walking around with her headphones on because she forgot she was wearing them.