‘Covid 19’ is a catchy tune,  and a natural, drug-free and family-friendly way to fight Covid,

Walnut Creek, CA — Carla Winter is singer and songwriter originally from Los Angeles, with family roots in old Hollywood. With her unmatched lyricism and astute imagery, Carla Winter is rapidly emerging as an exceptional and talented artist within the sphere of pop music. In an industry that has exhausted music tropes time and again, paving way for uninspired artists to repeat tried and tested themes, Carla Winter stands apart from the crowd.  With her sharp vision and observation, she is able to create music about a difficult and controversial subject, with effortless candid humor.  Her latest song, ‘Covid 19’,  is scheduled to be released to online stores on June 6th, 2022.

What makes her latest single ‘Covid 19’ unique is the fact that Carla has not shied away from singing about a challenging topic but faced it head on.   Carla survived Covid 19, twice, and lost friends and a past lover from it.    The Coronavirus pandemic shook the world, caused global devastation and affected everyone.  As we slowly transition back into new normal, we do find hesitance in discussing the pandemic, especially in pop culture.   Carla Winter and her latest single serve as a catalyst to allow more conversations regarding the virus to be held, and she gives voice in her music to those who lost their loved ones, businesses & careers to Coronavirus and brings a smile back to the world.

Go to https://www.partiart.com/ to find out more about Carla Winter.  Check out her latest single titled ‘Covid 19’, available on online stores on June 6 at noon.  You can contact the artist  directly, via the email address provided down below to schedule interviews and collaborations.




A Los Angeles native with family roots in old Hollywood, Carla Winter began songwriting when her car radio broke. Later, after moving to the Bay Area, she was hired by the US Navy, with an official title “Troubadour of Treasure Island”, and entertained the Navy as it’s first and only strolling minstrel. The next gig was a tour singing in Japan. Returning to the states, she began her own Partiart, a variety entertainment company for parties and events. Carla broadly expanded her skill base, and artist stable and client base… Then, Covid came. The hospitality industry collasped, as did Carla’s party business… but a song was born, “Covid 19” a feel good song about a nasty feeling disease.

Songwriter Carla Winter provides a lighthearted take on a gravely serious matter, with her release of “Covid 19.” Accompanied by only a solo acoustic guitar, Winter uses a traditional folk melody and familiar chord progression here, giving the listener solid footing to digest her straightforward and guileless account of what the entire world has been dealing with since the start of the pandemic. Hoping to educate and entertain without making light of tragedy, Carla Winter’s “Covid 19” should appeal to folk audiences across the board, thanks to its raw authenticity, timeless quality, and wonderfully candid nature.


Carla Winter
Name: Carla Winter
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 415 269-4047


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