It’ll come out next month on RVNG Intl’s Commend sub-label.

Julianna Barwick will release an AI-assisted album, Circumstance Synthesis, as part of Commend’s off-site archival series, THERE.

The five tracks on the ambient album were commissioned by Sister City, a hotel which sits near Rvng Intl.‘s Commend storefront in New York. Barwick used bass, synth and vocal lines to create musical themes that would in turn be triggered by airborne events (airplanes, bright sun, clouds). Then, generative music technology, powered by Microsoft AI, identified the airborne prompts, triggering musical events which then formed a soundtrack piped into the hotel’s lobby.

An LP version of that soundtrack is being handled by THERE, a sub-imprint releasing music related to Commend but happening outside the shop’s walls.

Check out the video for Julianna Barwick’s “Night,” directed by Joel Knoernschild.

01. Morning
02. Noon
03. Afternoon
04. Evening
05. Night

Commend will release Circumstance Synthesis on December 20th, 2019.