NEW YORK, NY, September 16, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Over 500,000 people go to sleep every night without a home in the United States. They sleep in the streets, in their car or in other people’s places, but do not have a home of their own. Trying to overcome a situation like this, many families are torn apart.

Hywel C Bowman Jr. is one of 8 children, and he was homeless ever since 7th grade in Middle School. One of his sisters died of cancer, and two of his siblings were incarcerated. His life is filled with struggle, but his story is also one of family endurance. When he used to sleep in his car with his family, his mother sang him to sleep. Today Hywel has overcome homelessness and he lives through the music he produces under the name KiddTarriii.

“When I started college, my sister got sent to jail. When I saw how that hit my mom, I knew I had to do something. During my journey of finding out how I would get my family out of this financial struggle, I sat in a room for 3 months writing music, business ideas, plans for movies or TV shows and more. I eventually realized that music was for me. Today, I am an Independent Artist. I rap, I’m self invested and I’m self employed.” KiddTarriii says.

KiddTarriii has seen the dark and the light, and he thinks it is no coincidence that his mother sang to him to sleep during the lowest times of his life. Now that he is 19, he is dedicating himself completely to his music and engaging fully with the music industry. His music tell his story and share messages he hopes many will identify with. As many people say, he is making waves in the hip-hop and rap industry.

“In the music industry, connections are the biggest challenges. For me as an artist, it is all about connecting with the right people that can help me share my story and music.” KiddTarriii shares.

Growing up surrounded by family struggles, music is all he had. While he could have chosen another, more dangerous, path towards financial freedom, KiddTarriii chose what felt right for him. Now in the business, he realizes the importance of mindset. He says mindset is either what can make you succeed or what can totally break your business.

“My advice for people starting a business or starting to work on their goals is to stay focused and understand that there’s nothing more important than hard work. The more you push your business, or in my case my music and story, the better chance you have at getting someone to check your business out. Do not be afraid to self promote.” KiddTarriii advises.

After multiple periods of ups and downs, KiddTarriii doesn’t fear a single thing in the world today. For him, “fear means failure because when you fear chasing your dreams, you automatically failed yourself.” To move forward and work hard is the only option.

On his path towards success and financial freedom, KiddTarriii sees success as seeing the plan he has drawn up helping him gain revenue. He says, “there is never a cap to success and so I will always be on a journey to become more successful.” This is why he has multiple projects coming next.

“I plan on releasing a bundle of music, once I gain the attention of the people who need to hear my songs and messages the most. Then I plan on using any success I gain from that to give back to the kids and families in the world that aren’t as fortunate.” KiddTarriii states.

However, having survived homelessness, the loss of family members, being robbed of opportunities and more, is not what defines KiddTarriii. Now that he has achieved financial freedom, which finally means having enough money to eat and sleep with his family and with a roof over his head, he knows who he is.

“Don’t let your struggle determine your success. I’ve been everywhere I’ve said I’ve been. I’ve seen all the things I’ve said I’ve seen. And I plan on giving back.” KiddTarriii says.

KiddTarriii the quintessential example of what hard work, determination, family loyalty, talent, and destiny can add up to. To follow his music and the next chapters of his story, you can follow him here.

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