King Sunny Ade @ 73: Celebrating a legendary Juju music maestro
King Sunny Ade @ 73: Celebrating a legendary Juju music maestro

Though some people call King Sunny Ade, minister of enjoyment, but most people prefer to call him the renowned king of juju music. Sunday Adeniyi Adegeye MFR, was born 22 September 1946.

King Sunny Ade is one musician who does not need much introduction, being a celebrated singer, performer and multi-instrumentalist the world has come to love.

In a recent interview with Tribune, the revered musician was asked how he would describe the journey so far at 73.

According to him: “I want to start by thanking my creator; He is the beginning and the end. I want to thank Him for His blessings thus far. I have experienced the ups and downs and I can stand before the world today because of His special love for me.  It is Almighty God that controls everything, with the kind of business I am doing.

He has made it acceptable to the people. People love it and they show they enjoy it, so it is for me now to keep on doing it until further notice.  I have learnt so many things in life but I give glory to God. The truth is that you can be whatever you want to be, by taking a good look at yourself, who you are as a person and be absolutely hopeful and joyful about what you do. But I thank God for what He has done for me. It is only God, who else can I attribute my success story to than Almighty God that has taken me this far? I thank God for His mercies and for making me what I am today. With all sincerity, I will say I have it all; there is nothing I have not achieved yet. I also thank every single soul that connects to the success of my life, because if I start to mention names, I’ll offend so many people. But I thank God, here we are today and I am very confident we’re going higher because we are still doing it and waxing strong”.

On what he does to keep fit at 73, KSA said:”  I give glory to God.  Music is my business, it keeps me going. Music is my life, I live it and do everything with music and I must tell you I love what I am doing. I always watch my health and don’t play with it.

No special diet, but what I believe in is modesty, you should not take any food in excess. For instance, I love eating Eba when I was growing up and even till now, but I don’t just eat it anyhow and anywhere, I have places where I can eat but I have reduced it now. All the same, I thank God for that.”

With two Grammy nominations, King Sunny Ade is among a select group of the world’s greatest artistes whose musical instruments have been preserved in the hallowed Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America.

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