Kingston musician spearheads Live Music Sundays near Bath
Kingston musician spearheads Live Music Sundays near Bath

Kingston singer/songwriter Chris Morris performed for Live Music Sundays at Finkle’s Shore Park, west of Bath, on Sunday. The event is a new concert series organized by Bon Evans that runs May through October. (Meghan Balogh/The Whig-Standard)

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A Kingston-area musician is behind a new concert series at Finkle’s Shore Park, west of Bath, that’s putting free, local, live music in front of audiences every Sunday.

The series began on May 19 and runs through October. Organizer Bon Evans, a resident of Bath who is a familiar face on the Kingston and area music scene, said the idea came from a friend who runs a chip truck at the park.

“This year I decided to run with it,” Evans said.

Bon Evans is the organizer for Live Music Sundays at Finkle’s Shore Park near Bath, which runs May through October. (Meghan Balogh/The Whig-Standard)

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He’s hiring different musicians every week — sometimes a doubleheader — and promoting the free concerts through social media and on his radio show on Amherst Island Radio.

“I want to see the Loyalist community come out and support live music and musicians. It’s slowly dying, in a way, and I don’t want to see that continue to go down that path. I know Kingston shows amazing support for musicians. We don’t really have anything out here in Bath, so that’s why I created this, something that’s consistent. Every weekend you can bring your family and have a great time.”

The concerts have been well received. One weekend drew 350 audience members.

Local businesses have sponsored the event week to week, and when there isn’t a sponsor, Evans pays the band out of his own pocket. He’s also covered the insurance costs.

He said Loyalist Township has been supportive of his efforts and has provided the W.K. Hineman Pavilion free of charge to host the shows.

He’s hoping in 2020 to find some regular funding to keep the series going, either from business sponsors or from the township.

“It works for me, because if you’re going to have a backyard concert at your house and have a band come to play, you have to spend a few hundred dollars, $1,000. I can put this on for relatively cheap because all the musicians respect what we’re doing out here, they know me, and kind of want to come play anyway.

“For the most part, we’re trying to support local musicians, give them a spot where they can perform,” he said.

Alexa Goldie, Queen and Camden, Brock Young, The Astros, Andrew Vanhorn and others have already headlined at the park.

Evans wants to share his love of music with the community where he lives and give aspiring musicians the chance to pursue their dreams.

“I got into music at 25 years old,” he said. “I picked up a guitar, taught myself how to play some chords just by watching YouTube videos, and my entire life changed. I started performing everywhere, and this year I’m going to Halifax and that will wrap up my coast-to-coast tour of Canada, playing music everywhere. My entire life has changed for the better, just because music came into it.”

On Sept. 1, Live Music Sundays will feature a family day, with giant games for children. For more information about the ongoing event, go onine to

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