Participants in the 2019 “Nonjangpan” contest (KOCIS)

The Korean Culture and Information Service and the Culture Ministry announced Tuesday that the 2020 “Nonjangpan” competition for students interested in the liberal arts was starting.

South Korean students and foreign students living in Korea are invited to submit applications by June 28.

The competition aims to cultivate in-depth and broad understanding of Korean culture by encouraging participants to create content using traditional music. “Ongojisin,” a Korean proverb that means learning the new by reviewing the old, is this year’s theme.

“We hope that the event can help Korean and foreign students explore traditional Korean music together while increasing understanding of each other’s cultures and also boosting the stagnant social atmosphere due to COVID-19,” KOCIS official Yoo Byeong-chae said in a statement.

The names of 80 finalists will be announced July 1, and the finalists will form 20 teams that will create content for the competition. Each team will have a mix of foreign and Korean students.

The six teams with the best content will receive a total of 19 million won ($15.86) in prize money, KOCIS said.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, this year’s competition will take place through online channels and there will be no audience at the Aug. 28 award ceremony.

Students who would like to participate can apply through the website

By Song Seung-hyun ([email protected])