Listen to Kid Cudi’s Erase Me Remix
Listen to Kid Cudi’s Erase Me Remix

Kid Cudi unveiled his latest remix by Steve Aoki for the Bill & Ted Face the Music soundtrack over the weekend. The rapper appeared at the HARD Summer Festival, which is where he made the announcement after teasing the original version of his hit song “Erase Me.” The highly anticipated sequel is currently shooting in New Orleans and Kid Cudi is starring in an undisclosed role. We were recently treated to a new image of star Keanu Reeves with a long hair and a beard from the set, leaving a lot of questions as to what’s going on in the sequel.

After starting his Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager track “Erase Me” at the HARD Summer Festival, Kid Cudi stopped abruptly. The crowd was singing along to every word and more than a few were pretty bummed to hear the song come to a halt. However, Kid Cudi explained what was going on and a sea of smartphones lit up the crowd. He had this to say.

“But this next piece, what you’re about to hear now, my good friend Steve Aoki, he remixed ‘Erase Me.’ I thought it would be cool to do for this movie I’m shooting, Bill & Ted, so I thought I’d debut it tonight. It’d only be right for us to lose our f*cking minds together for the first time.”

The remixed portion of “Erase Me” sounds a lot like a Steve Aoki production, meaning it’s full of energy. Kid Cudi wasn’t kidding when he was talking about he and the crowd all losing their minds at the same time. The smartphone footage is a little rough, but it sounds like it will be an excellent addition to the Bill & Ted Face the Music soundtrack when it premieres next year. Hopefully we’ll learn who Cudi is playing in the sequel in the near future.

Kid Cudi is a far cry from the metal music that we usually associate with Bill & Ted. The duo are normally metalheads, but their daughters may have turned them on to some hip hop and rap music over the past few years. It’s possible the song could help save the universe, but that seems unlikely since it’s called “Erase Me.” Whatever the case may be, the audience was into the remix and it will more than likely be a hit.

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Bill & Ted Face the Music hits theaters on August 21st, 2020. The highly anticipated sequel is more than likely getting ready to finish principal photography down in New Orleans, so we should hopefully get some first footage by the end of this year. That’s speculation for the time being, but it would be a nice holiday gift for fans. While we wait and see, you can check out the Steve Aoki remix of “Erase Me” from the Bill & Ted Face the Music soundtrack below, thanks to Irma Hernandez’s YouTube channel.

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