Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada — Female Country Duo from Vancouver Island, Moonshine Mollys is gracing the cover of India’s Lazie Indie Magazine. After coming out of the last 3 years while diving into writing and creating new music, Cassandra Smith and Breanna Nixon have released two singles last year. MM plans to have another to come this spring and are planning to complete a full album.

This cover feature is a milestone, respesenting women artists, and hoping this will encourage them to follow their path. No matter what you have been told in the past, if that fire burns inside of you, then you must do it. These two women have conquered thier own challenges and continuously deal with what comes at them. Having made a committment to create new music and work as independant female artists. The cover feature can be found at

“We are so overwhelmed with the love we have been receiving from everyone since breaking off into a duo. You just never know when you are putting out new music” said Cassandra Smith

“Thank you to Grant and Brabara at Galaxy 107 for this opportunity. We appreciate it so very much that you love our songs” says Breanna Nixon

New music and a new lease on their music careers, Moonshine Mollys is on the cover of Lazie Indie Magazine with a nine page spread. What an accomplishment for this female country duo.

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Moonshine Mollys are a Canadian Country female duo, Cassandra Smith and Breanna Nixon both have raised families and grown as artists together. Since 2020 they have shifted their perspective to focus on their journey as songwriters and recording artists. With the July 1st release of their single, TIME they are showing what they are made of. Their music is country with hints of folk and blues sprinkled here and there.  The music they are making is a reflection of their passion and lessons learned. Their goal is to make a connection with people through their music and stand up even when others don’t think they could.


Moonshine Mollys
Name: Cassandra Smith
Address: 418 Watfield Avenue, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
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