MURAT SES Techno/Electro Artist Of The Year 2019 Awarded By The Josie Music Awards (USA)

After more than a dozen solo albums and charting maxi singles on Billboard, Murat Ses was awarded “Artist of The Year 2019” by the Josie Music Awards in Dollywood, Tennessee.

He is a Grammy® Voting Member, multiple award winner (2015-2019: Akademia Awards, Global Music Awards, Indie Music Channel Awards/Dance Electronica and World genre).
Murat Ses’ music has already multiple chartings on Billboard’s Hot New Singles Top 10. As SES Team he mentors Clouzine International Music Magazine (sixteen issues so far supporting independent music) an independent music magazine and international awards run by his wife Nihal Ses aka OpBe.

Murat Ses is a Turkish-Austrian keyboard player and composer with strong Eurasian electronic elements. He is creator of the Anadolu Pop style, a synthesis of Anatolian Music and Western elements that has been influencing Turkish and International music scene for decades.
His album Danses et Rythmes de la Turquie d’hier à aujourd’hui was awarded the Grand Prix du Disque by the Charles Cros Academie in Paris, France.
In the early 1990s Murat Ses developed a musical style he terms Electric Levantine. The main elements of the style are microtonal properties created on authentic Levantine scales, electronically produced instrument timbres and Western music. It’s an experimental form of Anadolu Pop.