Mondays are about to get MUsical once again as MUsic Mondays, an event in which Marshall students and staff perform in the community, resume Sept. 16 at the Cellar Door Tapas Room by Le Bistro in Huntington.

Dr. Vicki Stroeher, professor of music history at Marshall University and original founder of the MUsic Mondays series, is back from a year-long research sabbatical and is gearing up for her presentation on Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony at the Cellar Door on Monday, Sept. 16.

The presentation Stroeher will be giving is entitled The Musical Motive that Led a Revolution: Beethoven’s Fifth. 

Stroeher said the piece is revolutionary because it established a pattern for other composers and is now one of the most popular symphonies for orchestras to play.

The MUsic Mondays series began in 2015 with events taking place at the Cellar Door located at 905 3rd Ave, Huntington WV. 

A $10 donation is requested for attendees of the event, with all proceeds being donated to Marshall University’s School of Music.

Stroeher said she is excited about her presentation. 

“Just getting back to the Cellar Door and getting back to MUsic Mondays and talking about music that I love to the general public is excitement enough,” Stroeher said. 

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