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Welcome to Music Video Week! Normally, I feature a new music video from a Memphis-area music artist or filmmaker (preferably both) every Monday. In conjunction with the Memphis Flyer’s annual Music Issue, we’re unveiling a weeklong music video blitz. Every day until next Tuesday, I’ll highlight a new or classic video from the Bluff City.

If you’re like us, you’re missing live music right now. Our artists are struggling, and we’re just plain bummed out. The lifeline between musicians and their fans has been connecting through the computer screen, whether by live streamed shows from bedrooms and basements or homespun music videos like this one from Aktion Kat. Paul Garner has been locked up in his apartment so long he wrote a song about it. The video is a masterclass in doing a lot with a little. It’s a tribute to just how much you can get accomplished if you have nothing else on your calendar.

Tune in tomorrow for more Music Video Week!