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Today on Music Video Week, a quarantine project by one of Memphis’ most talented musical auteurs.

Alyssa Moore made her debut on the Memphis scene with Strengths, and has come to be known as a talented producer and trusted sound engineer. She’s also an amazing songwriter, and since there have been no shows to mix, she’s been keeping busy creating new tunes. With “The World Is Listening,” she tries to take in the moment.

“This song and video were created in the weeks of the beginning of the national lockdown,” says Moore. “I was inspired to create something hopeful yet cautious — listening to the press conferences was depressing, yet moving. The first verse is a bit sarcastic; I poke fun at Donald Trump, threaten him with the possibility of being ‘taken’ from ‘his land.’ It’s easy to imagine that our lives are in his hands, as the president, because he is supposed to do his best to keep us safe. However, the tables are turned, and the public seems to be far more aware of how to handle the virus than he does. His life — meaning his power — is now in our hands. Inversely, the public’s lives are in the hand of experts. The phrase can be interpreted ominously when applied to corruption, but positively when imagining a benevolent scientist doing her best to persuade the public to take caution.”

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