Synthesist and sound designer Robert Rich has released a new album, Offering to the Morning Fog.

Rich says that the album is a response, in part, to people dealing with the stress of the Coronavirus pandemic. He notes:

“I made this very calm album in response to requests from listeners, who asked if I had any unreleased music that could offer a quiet place for them to breathe for a while.

I didn’t have any old unreleased pieces like that, so I created something new.”

Offering to the Morning Fog features Rich playing DIY PVC flutes, Sequential Prophet X, Haken Continuum and a prototype of the upcoming Synthesis Technology e520 Hyperion Effects Processor.

The album includes the music as both individual tracks and as an hour+ long continuous mix. A surround mix of the album is also available.

You can preview Offering to the Morning Fog below or at the Bandcamp site.

Offering to the Morning Fog by Robert Rich