NewReleaseToday Premieres New OUT OF THE DUST Music Video Featuring Dancers From Nashville Ballet

Husband-and-wife duo Out of the Dust partnered with for the premiere of the “Now More Than Ever” music video. The new video, featuring principal dancers from the world-renowned Nashville Ballet, premiered today exclusively on Christian music’s biggest website.

Watch the “Now More Than Ever” music video here:

“Some friends of ours had ‘now more than ever’ inscribed on the inside of their wedding rings,” says Chris about the inspiration for the new album’s title track. “What seemed so profound was that the ‘now’ wasn’t just for when they first put them on — it was for every single moment, good or bad. The ‘now’ would last forever. God speaks His love to the world and shows what His love is like through the way that we self-sacrifice, forgive, and love one another, but it goes so far beyond just a marriage relationship! It seems like the world needs Jesus now more than ever, and each one of us is called to that selfless love to show the world the ultimate and perfect love we find in Jesus.”

Out of the Dust, comprised of Chris and Stephanie Teague, released their sophomore album, Now More Than Ever, on September 13th. The new project features guest appearances by Dove Award-winning artist Plumb and Christian Hip-Hop favorite, Tony Tillman.

The duo first made headlines in 2017 with their self-titled debut (Discovery House Music). The album was birthed from a difficult and raw time in their lives, including a separation, divorce, and eventual remarriage. Their lyrics addressed not only the pain and reality that life brings, but the hope and healing that Jesus offers. And the songs quickly resonated with listeners, who in one way or another, could identify with one or more of the challenges we all face.

Out of the Dust’s story of downfall, heartbreak, and miraculous redemption is woven deep into the fabric of their music. After growing up in church and marrying young, Chris slowly and quietly lost all faith in God during college. Slipping into the grips of alcohol, drugs and every other whim of his heart, he secretly managed an alter ego for years around church friends, family, and even Stephanie. Finally, everything surfaced one Thursday night in January 2010 as Stephanie’s life unraveled before her eyes. Their young marriage quickly collapsed in divorce as Chris walked away from everything he knew. What happened next can’t be called anything other than a miracle. His independence very rapidly found him in the darkest and most desperate place of his life, and it was there that he was shown the depth of his selfishness and pride. Incredibly, in just over a year, God mended their hearts, restored their marriage, and still continues to breathe new life into their story today.

God not only redeemed and resurrected their marriage, but He also gave them a new direction which they had never even dreamed about… Music together with a purpose. The release of their debut album led them to perform and share their story all over the country, and they received extensive media coverage including Fox News, The 700 Club, and Family Life Today.

Out of the Dust is on tour this fall, followed by a 30+ city U.S. tour in 2020. For tour dates or more information, visit

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