This is clearly the year of the African Giant aka Burna Boy.

He is currently one of the most relevant musicians out of Africa and his career keeps going higher and higher; from a spot on the 2019 Forbes 30 under 30 list, a BET Award to a full song on Beyoncé‘s latest album – the Anybody crooner is showing no signs of slowing down. Not only is his music leading the charts across the globe, but his fashion sense is being noticed by the big names. US Vogue magazine, “the world’s most influential fashion magazine” has hailed him as Nigeria’s most stylish Musician.

According to a piece in the magazine, not only can he pull off neon yellow zebra-print pants onstage, he’s also deeply committed to fashion in a broader sense, recently hosting a dinner in New York City where he donned a bright blue suit topped with his signature bucket hat; in this case a black nylon number from the recently relaunched Prada Linea Rossa line. And now, with his new video for “Pull Up”—a highlight from his recently released album African Giant—his colorful sense of style has reached vibrant new heights.

Burna Boy is styled by his sister, Ronami, who painstakingly ensures that his personality always shines through. If we had to describe his style, we would call it effortlessly cool, and even though he never looks conventional, he hardly ever misses the mark. “His style has always been eccentric. He’s very big on deviating from the status quo which is my M.O. as well so it’s always an easy transition on stage and off stage. It’s  all in the details, the subtle fashion quirks e.g sunglasses, socks etc. Whether in view or not his socks tell a story in relation to every outfit. It’s so bad that I now know the different sock textures appropriate for different shoe styles to ensure comfort etc.”

The summery clip from the video, directed by Meji Alabi, finds Burna Boy donning two different garments cut from the same bright yellow cloth: the first, a jumpsuit that he wears with a pair of futuristic sunglasses; the second, a sequined button-down and black leather pants. Even though Burna Boy’s wardrobe is as kaleidoscopic and eye-catching as ever, the crew of model friends he rides around with throughout the video are also doing their best to steal the style spotlight. Aweng Chuol, Camille Munn, NyaLuak Leth, and Chanel Taylor each bring their own outstanding ’fits, from a bright red leather bucket hat and trench combination, to bold denim corsets, to asymmetric jumpsuits. Burna Boy’s style might be singular, but he clearly knows when to step back and let others shine, too.