Nigeria has a lot of problems regarding extremist groups and music can
be used to bring peace to the country, a United States of America’s
diplomat, Sterling Tilley, says.

Tilley is the US embassy in Nigeria’s cultural affairs officer.

He told the News Agency of Nigeria in an interview that music could be
used to deal with terrorism in the North-East while speaking during a
musical concert the embassy organized in commemoration of the 2019
Daniel Pearl World Music Day with the theme, ‘Harmony for Humanity’.

Said Tilley, “The purpose of this event is to celebrate the life and
legacy of Daniel Pearl.”

Pearl was an American journalist and musician, who was kidnapped and
murdered by terrorists in Pakistan in 2002 while serving as the Wall
Street Journal’s South Asia bureau chief.

The American diplomat continued: “He was a violinist; quite
accomplished. The whole idea behind the Daniel Pearl World’s Music Day
was to commemorate his love for music and his love for humanity.

“That is why this year’s theme for the David Pearl’s Day is ‘Harmony
for Humanity’ and it is all geared toward his life and legacies.

“The message is simple – harmony and humanity – because music brings
peace to people and we are hoping that through music we can also bring
peace to Nigeria.

“We have a lot of problems here in Nigeria, with regards to extremist
groups, particularly in the North-East and the best way to break the
logjam between the communities out there would be through music.

“In the Nigerian environment, everyone loves music. So if you are
surrounded by that love of music, you cannot feel the need to hurt