ABC/Paula LoboOver the weekend, Oscar-winner and Ohio native John Legend visited Dayton, Ohio to bring comfort to survivors of the shooting last week, while also sending a powerful message about gun control in the country.

“I just played a few songs to try to help bring comfort to some of the survivors of last week’s tragedy in Dayton,” the acclaimed musician wrote on Instagram.

“My heart breaks for everyone who lost someone. I love how everyone rallies around one another during their time of grief. But our nation should not keep putting ourselves through these preventable traumas.”

The photo attached to the message shows the singer, who’s from Springfield, OH, playing at Blind Bob’s Bar.

He closed his Instagram caption with, “Let’s fix it together.”

John also thanked the mayor for her hospitality, and wrote on Twitter, “Today, I visited the Oregon District of Dayton, Ohio, and all stores are open for business. In light of last week’s events, it is more important than ever for us to come together to support our local communities.”

He added, “I sat down with the people of Dayton, OH and I’m inspired by their strength & resilience, but we must take action. Join me, @Everytown & @MomsDemand by calling your senators & demanding they vote on stronger gun safety laws: Text CHECKS to 644-33.”

Last weekend, the nation was rocked with two mass shootings, one in Dayton — where nine people were killed and dozens more injured — and one in El Paso, Texas, hours earlier, where 22 were killed.

Funerals for six of the victims took place in Dayton over the weekend. More funerals are scheduled for Monday.

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