Breaux Bridge, LA — Introducing Da Realist Da Messiah. This Artist has a refreshingly unique sound that has been needed in the Rap industry.  He tells the story of his life that many can relate to in the world today. He overcome the odds and broke the chains that society places on someone in his situation.

Da Realist Da Messiah’s Sound and Style are just what the Rap Game needs. His truth peaks the interest of the listener by giving a part of himself and entertaining the listener at the same time.

When he meets with fans they all tell him that it’s something about his voice.  My fans usually reply ” that’s what we like. You don’t sound like every other Rapper. You have your own sound and style.”

Da Realist Da Messiah is making waves in the Rap Industry. The Industry will not be the same.

Da Realist Da Messiah is an Independent Artist with music on all major platforms.  Check him out on YouTube,  Spotify, ArtistPR, Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music,  and much more.




He tells his story in his music. He used the time to educate myself. He is certified in many trades. He is having the knowledge. Even after serving 15 years in prison and 15 years on parole, he thanks God for the knowledge and skills he is blessed with. Follow his story.


Da Realist Da Messiah
Name: Da Realist Da Messiah
Address: 713 Robert Street, Breaux Bridge, LA
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 3374143707




Source: ArtistPR