Exclusive Porsche curated playlists will be packed into the Taycan’s Apple Music library.


Over the past year we’ve slowly been learning about Porsche’s new Taycan EV. We’ve heard about the development of new production processes and charging options for the company’s first fully electric car. We also rode shotgun in a pre-production vehicle on a frozen lake in Sweden. But at a media event in Atlanta, Georgia, this week, Porsche told us something we didn’t know: When the Taycan goes on sale at the end of the year, it’ll be the first vehicle to feature full integration of Apple Music.

A six-month subscription to Apple Music will be standard with all 2020 Porsche Taycans, the company confirmed Monday. People who already have Apple Music will receive three months of additional service on their accounts. Since the music service will be fully built into to the vehicle, users will be able to tag songs from terrestrial radio and add them to their Apple Music playlist. The Porsche’s voice command system can also be used to play songs, albums, or radio stations on Apple Music.

Bose and Burmester audio systems will be offered in the Taycan. Both will be capable of playing Apple Digital Masters files allowing occupants to hear studio-quality tunes from a library that includes more than 50 million songs.

Another result of the Porsche and Apple collaboration are exclusive Apple Music playlists for Porsche drivers. They will be constantly updated with new playlists that will cater to a variety of driving situations such as intense mountain driving or calmer city cruising.

In addition to the Apple Music news, Porsche also announced that the 2020 Taycan will come standard with Apple CarPlay capabilities, three years of in-car internet data and three years of Porsche Connect services.

Look for the 2020 Porsche Taycan to officially debut in early September.

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