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Provided Ray DeeZy’s latest music video shows a starving artist’s daily minutiae Gullah rapper Ray DeeZy released a music video for his latest single, “Good $leep,” on Mon. Aug. 26.

Produced by Toucan Films, the video depicts a starving artist trying to push through the daily complications of mental health issues. He sifts through the minute details (breakfast, TV, walking outside), as he searches for inspiration in music.

“What inspired the video was my everyday life and also the everyday life of others going through the same thing,” explains DeeZy. “I often wake up depressed AF for long periods of time throughout the day, and the only thing that keeps my mind off of it is creating music, being around friends, and family or my fiance.”

DeeZy’s abilities as a producer continue to impress, with a beat that represents the depressed mood. “I don’t wanna wake up,” is chanted through the hook, juxtaposed by bragging and sharp bars in the verses.

“Everyone’s worst fear is wasting their time and their talent, so the thought of that alone creates anxiety that peaks at dangerous levels,” DeeZy comments. “That’s what we tried to display with the video.”