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Shockingly unique and versatile

Dallas, Texas — Thursday, October 31st, 2019 — Watermac’s unique collaboration with two of Dallas up and coming artists will be nothing short of astonishing! “Ink in my body stained on my flesh, like a painted picture on a canvas, depicting all the harsh memories life did to me scarred mentally” from song “Baccwards” describes how even through pressuring times, with the ability to hustle hard and stay focus, you can choose better for life and make leaps forward not backward.

The collaboration mixtape is a project for a wide variety of the public. From trippy spaced out tunes to make you feel you are out of space “Extraordinary” to club songs that make you want to throw money and celebrate “Rubber Bandzz” to songs about the streets and the struggle it takes to make it out  “Late Nights” 

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Artist Mark Konye, Is Changing The World With His Music.

Buffalo, New York — Thursday, October 31st, 2019 — Musical Artist Mark Konye is rapidly taking over the underground hip/hop scene with tracks such as “Feugo” “Shut it Down” and “Nobody Knows” as listeners have repeatedly said “He adds a new dimension of listening to hip hop”. Konye’s career started less than a year and a half ago and he’s already altered the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans with his “Heart Tugging” lyrics and overwhelming charisma resulting with him working with big names as the likes of “Goodmorning America” and “The Breakfast Club”. The young star is projected to be one of “hip hop’s greatest” proclaimed by many and compared to the greats from the likes of “Kendrick Lamar, Drake and Tupac”. The most stunning characteristic of the young artists’ music is his depths of emotion put into his variety of

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New Single From Minneapolis Based Hip Hop Artist Ackronem “I Got The Light:”

Minneapolis, Minnesota — Tuesday, October 29th, 2019 — Ackronem is an established independent Hip Hop artist from Minneapolis. With over a decade-plus in the MN Hip Hop scene Ackronem has made a name for himself Producing, Rapping, and Engineering. With 2 studio albums under his belt, Ackronem is gearing up for his 3rd release with his latest single “I Got The Light” Produced by Starles.

One of the most prolific artists in the Twin Cities Ackronem pushes boundaries with his latest single “I Got The Light.” Bouncy and aggressive Ackronem raps about putting the work in, spreading the light, and being an unstoppable force. Appearing on countless albums as a producer and engineer Ackronem took a step back and let fellow producer Starless lay the foundation for “I Got the Light” Gearing up for his 4th studio album release Ack has made his presence impossible to miss.

Ackronem puts action to the phrase hard work p

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God Hates Rappers.

Russellville, Arkansas — Monday, October 28th, 2019 — Patient Zer0, an artist from a small town in Arkansas, has a dream of changing the rap game. He makes music based on real things that are taking place in his life or those around him. His goal is to transform how society views rap artists.

Born and raised in a town that doesn’t focus on hip-hop music, Patient Zer0 looks to make a difference and be heard in any way he can. He puts his music out on all streaming platforms including YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music to give his audience the easiest access to his art.

“My goal in music is to touch people like other artists have touched me. I’m building from the ground up to make a name for myself and my craft,” says Patient Zer0 regarding his passion for music. Joseph Smith, a longtime fan of the artist, says that Patient Zer0 is, “extremely talented, unlike anyone else out there.”

Patient Zer0 is currently working