Skaa Drops New Song “Tel Aviv”

MEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2019 — In a short amount of time, rising rapper Skaa has released a number of tracks including Escape, 11 PM, Kilimanjaro, Come Thru, Old Habits and recently just dropped “Tel Aviv”. He’s cultivated a growing fanbase reaching over a million plays on Spotify.

“Tel Aviv” was produced by Joemay and seems to be his most impressive release so far. The essence of hip hop is the beat and the lyrical flow, and in both these categories, Tel Aviv excels. Starting with mellow, jazzy Rhodes piano and guitar, a slinky beat enters consisting of punchy kick and snare along with low, moody bass. Vocally, it starts with the instantly catchy chorus refrain: “I’m where the cheddar be, where the cheddar be, out in Tel Aviv, out in Tel Aviv…”.

Skaa has an assured, laid back style on the mic and the lyrics start out dealing with the pressures of trying to make it in the music industry: “This music sh*t I swear it got me feeling hella stressed, like I don’t even feel my head attached”. But this is balanced by his huge self-belief and the awareness of his growing success: “Numbers growing I been focused on expanding my reach…. I ain’t never asking for nothing I got what I need.”

In the second verse the force of his ambition and passion for music come to the fore through great lines like, “Seen a lotta records that I’m aiming to break, I look up to the legends that been paving the way…..the passion inside is something that I can’t describe, got me spilling a lot of feelings that I tend to hide….”. The dynamics and arrangement of the track are very effective, with the beat dropping out briefly then picking up again, and the chorus refrain contrasting nicely with the lyrical complexity of the rapped verses.

Overall, Skaa has released nothing less than a masterpiece about the journey to the top in his field. Although it’s personal in nature, it features sentiments and struggles that people from every walk of life can relate to, and that’s testament to Skaa’s lyrical honesty. He has a natural flair for rapping and writing strong rhymes, delivering his lines with panache and aided by slick, cutting edge production from Joemay. With an infectious hook that locks in the memory the first time you hear it, Tel Aviv should help take Skaa’s fanbase and success to even greater heights.

You can listen to “Tel Aviv” via SoundCloud:

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