Good news: It will never eat your favorite cassingle.Guess what Sony’s 40th anniversary Walkman doesn’t do

Along with having music on local storage, you can play your favorite jams over WiFi via your streaming service of choice — Sony’s NW-A100TPS Walkman runs on Android. The model has a 40th-anniversary logo on the rear, and it includes a soft case and package based on the original Walkman. The NW-A100TPS goes on sale in Europe in November for €440/£400, while US release plans remain unclear.

Nintendo gets weird again.The next Nintendo Switch accessory is a springy circle

After going for the obvious add-on with a cardboard VR headset, Nintendo has another new Switch accessory in the works. It didn’t show anything beyond a short teaser video, but this handheld ring is going to provide a “new experience” for the console, which includes some kind of motion gaming and… yoga? More details will be revealed on September 12th, and you know we’ll be there, Joy-Cons strapped to our legs in anticipation.

Better than ever.Samsung’s reinforced Galaxy Fold feels stronger than before

According to Cherlynn Low, the revamped Fold “felt less like a prototype and more like a finished product ready for store shelves.” While it’ll be available in the US in the “coming weeks,” we spent some time with the device at IFA 2019 — a good thing for anyone deciding if they’re going to pre-order one all over again.

If you remember using TweakUI, then congratulations on being old.Microsoft releases its first preview of PowerToys for Windows 10

If you’ve been a PC user since the days of Windows 95 and Windows XP, then you may recognize the name PowerToys from a set of Microsoft-developed system utilities. After a few generations away, the concept has returned. In its initial release, the Windows 10 PowerToys set includes a Windows key shortcut guide as well as FancyZones, which lets you set up predetermined targets to drag applications into and which will then maximize and fill the predetermined zone.

The perfect gift for Star Wars fans with time and space.Lego’s Imperial Star Destroyer set has 4,700 pieces and is 43 inches long

This Lego creation is the largest Star Wars-themed set to date and will let you finally recreate the epic opening scene of A New Hope in your living room. It includes swiveling guns, a tilting radar disk, huge engine exhausts and intricate surface detailing. The set goes on sale on October 1st for $700.

Plus the One SL and Port.The Sonos Move is more than a regular Bluetooth speaker

The Move is just like every other Sonos speaker, with streaming features built in, a flat touch-sensitive top and support for voice control with Alexa, Google Assistant and AirPlay 2. The difference is that you can take it with you. Lift it from the charging ring and the battery will keep sounds playing for around ten hours, even outside. Sonos claims it has the company’s strongest WiFi antennas, plus it’s IP56 rated for dust and water resistance.

Moving indoors, Sonos also unveiled the One SL, which could be desirable for the feature it lacks: a microphone. It plays recordings, without making them — perfect for those who prefer to do without Silicon Valley snooping in their private conversations. Meanwhile, its Port device replaces the Sonos Connect to bring the company’s technology to your existing receiver and speaker setups.

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