You’re Invited to the House Party

The best-kept secret by Streamers is the House Party game.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, December 28, 2018 — Eek! Games today announced its House Party video game is a favorite amongst streamers who are posting videos and seeing their audience impressions sky-rocket, with some seeing an average viewership increase of over 150%.

Whether it’s a video game streamer or not, having a video of this zany game with its side-splitting humor, engages audiences like none other. While House Party is banned on Twitch due to sexual content, on YouTube, streamers are enjoying over-the-top engagement and impressions from grateful audiences, both male and female, alike.
Whether it’s a streamer with tens of millions of subscribers or tens of thousands, videos of the House Party game have proven to more than double their average video impression, episode after episode. No wonder it’s the best kept secret in gaming….who wouldn’t want such numbers to their own.

The gaming community has embraced House Party as an intelligent and challenging sexy PC sim game and a refreshing and stimulating game for male and female gamers, alike. House Party is this generation’s American Pie™ meets Porky’s™ set in modern-day suburbia with a zany cast of therapy-needing guests, including eight girls and four guys. No surprise that the latest version of the early access game has been receiving over 90% VERY POSITIVE reviews on Steam.

Here’s what gamers are saying…”This is the most messed up game I have ever played in my entire life, and I mean that in the best way possible. I laughed so hard throughout the game. I’ve only gone through one play-though, but there’s a bunch of different endings to get. If you want to have a hard laugh and hard-on at the same time, this game is totally recommended!”

YouTube streamers such as “PewdiePie”, “JackSepticEye” and “MessYourself” have all covered the House Party game and seen their impression numbers boosted significantly versus their average videos. Others, such as “MattShea” are also re-engaging their audiences with multiple episodes of the game and seeing strong retention and consistently high viewership.

According to Bobby Ricci, the CEO and Founder of Eek! Games, “It’s a real complement the many daily requests we receive from streamers wishing for a key to the House Party game so they can stream it for their audiences. It’s no surprise that audiences appreciate a new kind of game experience to watch, and a break from the usual shooting, hacking and slashing. Streamers are spicing it up a little with House Party and they are reaping the rewards. Across the board, streamers are creating entertaining videos and posting episode after episode of the game and seeing consistent and repeat impressions!”

House Party is about crazy real-world situations without the hangover the next morning or a trip to the local clinic. Players dictate the gameplay and story direction with the choices they make, and a robust AI allows the characters to respond to any stimuli and choices throws at them.

Consistently, streamers are generating impression numbers that rival the leading games in the market, doubling their average reach versus other game or general videos they post. The reason is obvious to players and savvy streamers are starting catch on. House Party is hysterical to play and watch and it has global appeal. Certainly, House Party comes with all the debauchery you’d expect, however, virtually all videos posted of the game have no sexual content at all and streamers can use the in-game nudity censor too.

The House Party game is available on Steam, at

About Eek Games!

Eek! Games was started in 2015 by Bobby Ricci who programmed and launched the “House Party” video game.
In 2017 House Party was launched on Steam, as an Early Access game. Even though it was still very premature, the initial reception was surprising and the community built quickly. The game sold over 30,000 copies in the first few weeks and over 300,000 purchased downloads in its first year, alone.
Bobby and Eek! Games have many more game ideas brewing with a new title in the works for a tentative 2020 Early Access release.

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