Being a product of a system , these views of mine are not intended to ignite blame games nor undermine anybody’s effort towards success but rather to spark a conversation of re-awakening of a reality we are all faced with today.

In my Opinion, I think about 95 percent of the produced by artistes of a Highly Economically challenged populace is centered on sexual desires between the opposite sex but we blindly tickle ourselves that they are love songs whiles the 5% of the songs that tackle societal challenges are not even recieving massive endorsement by the Majority  of the populace who also look powerless with numerous day to day unsolved societal issues, who do you blame?.

If Subtle Sex Motivated songs form about 95 percent of your Consciousness whiles our  Social and Economic Struggles form  5% of your consciousness,who do you also blame for how the youth think and consume music?

The artiste is also not motivated to tackle real societal challenges in their songs because the people want sexually motivated songs which is mostly construed as Love.
These songs have worked majic for loads of artiste today.

So in today’s music scene the Musician is forced to alienate himself from the Challenges of his time as he focuses so much on Commercial nature of the Market.
I am not here to blame the artiste because the Commercial aspect is also a survival and major key .

But as music lovers, we also determine what to embrace, and overtime we have shown and proved to our musicians to stop tackling Societal and Economic issues objectively in their music per  how we have embraced such crafts overtime.

The quest and the desire of the populace also influence the Disk Jockey, the producer and  the Presenter to give consumers what they want, meaning demand is equal to supply and a perfect equilibrium is then established.

At the end of the day why do we even pretend to act like nobody is listening to us as Youth whiles we have not made maximum use of music as a tool for change as it has been used before to champion positive societal agendas sometime past.

My quest is setting the tone for all of us to begin thinking about how we have allowed sexual desires to be on the top of the music motive scale of preference while the most powerful tool() which is suppose to project our own challenges, dreams and aspirations have been skewed to project “Sex” as the “ultimate”.

I am not here to blame anyone,  because we are all product of the system but let’s start a conversation now 
We all are involve, we  are all victims