This artist knows how to get real with a refreshingly unique blend of hip hop, rap, and some positive messages

Denver, Co – October 30th, 2021 – New and upcoming artist Tequilarobb released his latest album, ‘Living The Dream’ in the first week of October this year. Although this artist just started his music career, he has released over sixteen songs in a year – a feat not many artists can achieve.

‘Living The Dream’ has received a lot of good responses from listeners. It is only natural since the song is an original. The artist has some strong feelings about song ghostwriters and is committed to producing original music in the future. Like his previous releases, this album is heartfelt and takes the listener on a highly emotional journey due to its authenticity and rawness.

For Tequilarobb, being new to the music scene was never an issue. He had never stepped foot in a music studio until a year ago, yet he was still a natural, a fact that can be gathered from his earlier tracks. The artist draws inspiration for his music from a range of music stars and entertainers. These include Elton John, Eminem, Nirvana, Sixx Am, Michel Bolton, Jay Z, Motley Crue, Snoop Dogg, etc. This variety of music inspirations makes for music infused with different styles and genres.

Tequilarobb’s plans include making inspiring and hopeful music that has a positive impact on the listeners. He wants to tell people to hang in there and encourage people to live their best life. Although this talented artist runs a Pest control business as his day job, he plans on switching to music full-time – something he is quite optimistic about. Tequilarobb has a lot to tell to the world, and music is his avenue.

For more information on the artist, readers can follow him on SoundCloud and Spotify. In addition, they can also purchase his latest album on all major streaming platforms. Moreover, the artist also welcomes interaction on his Facebook page.




Artist Tequilarobb officially started his music career in 2020 and has released sixteen songs so far. Although new to recording, the artist has dabbled in hip hop for over a decade and knows his music well. Passionate, energetic, and creative, this Tequilarobbb’s goal is to make music his full-time job. This talented singer has a lot to express to the world through his music, and he is just getting started.


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