The Delightfully Irreverent Maestro Steve Weisberg and his Orchestra Announce Showcase.
The Delightfully Irreverent Maestro Steve Weisberg and his Orchestra Announce Showcase.

Thursday, May 11, 2017 at Herb Alpert’s Vibrato Grill.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 27, 2017 — Los Angeles, California—–April 27, 2017—–Steve Weisberg and his Orchestra announce the next performance of his 17-piece variety-show style orchestra. The zany maestro will perform at Herb Alpert’s Vibrato Grill located at 2930 Beverly Glen Circle, Los Angeles, CA 90077 on Thursday May 11, 2017 with a set at 8:00PM and again at 9:30PM.

One glance at his resume is bound to make music fans say: “How come I never heard of this guy?” They can rest assured at knowing that they may not have heard his name, but they have surely heard his music. A short version of his musical accomplishments is at the end of this release while a comprehensive list of credits accomplishments is listed on his web site. But note that from Nick Cave to Grace Jones is a broad spectrum! Additionally, Steve Weisberg just landed the job as the Musical Director for legendary comic Tony Clifton.

This performance will include special guests: exceptional singer/songwriter Jill Sobule, Dynamic Duo from Santa Monica: the Cages, evocative vocalist Suzy Williams, and the fabulously distinct Mia Doi Todd. More surprises will be announced.

Steve Weisberg will lead his 17-piece orchestra through a variety-show type performance with some of LA’s finest musicians. While rooted in jazz, the performance covers a myriad of musical genres. Audiences will certainly hear music they’re familiar with mixed in with engaging new material that will get people “Shazam-ing” the tunes to identify them.

The people who are already familiar with Steve Weisberg & His Orchestra are somewhat of a privileged club, however, this showcase hopes to expand that membership to a position of well-deserved recognition.

Sheryl Aronson from the Hollywood Times stated: “I have never laughed so much while being thoroughly enthralled with divine orchestration arrangements. Steve Weisberg is an insane Maestro.”

When attending a musical showcase, it’s wonderful to experience the unexpected. Steve Weisberg Orchestra and demonstrates that reverence (for the music) and irreverence (wacky baton choices) can co-exist in a dazzling musical performance.

Ticket price is $25.00.

About Steve Weisberg

In addition to leading his orchestra over the last 30 years, Steve Weisberg has been musical director and arranger on international productions, many with veteran music producer Hal Willner and for such luminaries as Marianne Faithfull, Lou Reed, Nick Cave, Macy Gray, Grace Jones, David Byrne, Jill Sobule, Bill Frisell, Johnny Depp, Sun Ra , and Petra Haden, just to name a few. He produced the critically acclaimed Howard Tate ‘Portrait of Howard’ CD and more recently tracks for Andre Stevens Thomas and The Cages.

Rooted in jazz via his mentor, Carla Bley, Weisberg presents a 17-piece variety show orchestra with guest vocalists and performers from many different musical disciplines: ‘Imagine Frank Zappa meets Spike Jones meets Lawrence Welk. ‘




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