Tulsa, Oklahoma — The enterprise, a six man, hip-hop group out of Tulsa, Oklahoma that will take the music scene by storm.The enterprise artist comprised of Clark Calhoun, TGslime, Neko nice, T will, Rippalanski, and D Dub a go-getter.

GRE is the initials for the Enterprise group and you can catch them on the all access Cannabis tour March 25 in Santa Ana, California and April 15 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Check out GRE latest single Mary J streaming on all music platforms. You can also find all their music on YouTube streaming as well.

The Enterprise, GRE has major room for growth, and is eager to tour the US and international.

You can find a Enterprise music on all music platforms.spotify:track:5SKTB8ikuEXVbdnlZaIkxN



The bands are music has a lay back euphoric party sound


The Enterprise G.R.E
Name: Charles Williams
Address: 1953 Southwest Blvd, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 9186440188
Press Kit: https://greenroomentgroup.com


Source: ArtistPR