Urban Ideas Limited Partnership, LLP and its independent label and publishing group are unveiling its 2018 growth plans which means big things for creatives.

It takes a team, a vision, a talent and a lot of fortune to be successful. There are no guarantees, but its worth the effort.”

— Michael Towns Senior Partner Urban Ideas, LLP

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, November 28, 2017 — How do you get started, make money and build a career or business in the entertainment or creative space? Well there are many roads, but invariably you need to know someone. Urban Ideas Limited Partnership, LLP (“Urban Ideas”) and its independent label group which includes Chicago Creed Music and Media Group (Chicago focused multi-genre label), Urban Creed Music and Media Group (national multi-genre label), Indie Chart Music Group (national multi-genre label with aggregator focus) and Kingdom Records (national gospel label) along with Urban Ideas Publishing Group and Urban Ideas Consulting Group whose tag line is “The Creative Commerce People” are the folks to know.

On Thursday November 30th at 7:30 PM at the Music Garage located at 345 N. Loomis in the Showcase Room on the 5th floor you will learn about the company’s vision along with the opportunities it is forecasting to emerge for the right talents. So who should attend? Well according to Columbia Entrepreneurship and Finance professor and Urban Ideas partner and Chicago Creed label chief Michael Towns “This event is for anyone who wants to learn about creative entrepreneurship. It is for people who want to make money as artists and entrepreneurs. Whether you are selected by us or you choose another path, the information should serve you well.”

What kind of talent? Sherree Lee Creative Director and A&R for Chicago Creed says we are thinking outside the box. We want singers, musicians, comedians, Broadway singer-actor types. We are also seeking various genres. We want jazz, pop, kids musical acts, R&B, hip-hop, rock, spoken word, inspirational, gospel, blues, EDM and more. The caveat is that we are really focusing on younger acts. Mind you, we do have our eyes open for that special seasoned act, but our plan is really looking to develop 18 to 28 year old artists. We are casting a wide net looking for talented people to help get them established and create some fantastic content. Our age constraint is only for the music program. So comedians, entrepreneurs and authors just come. Oh yeah, we also have some great internship opportunities.

What’s the catch? Sherree laughs and says well that is why you have to attend. Seriously, the important thing is that we are looking for people who are serious, focused and can take direction. We have had a few stops and starts with folks who couldn’t make a decision, follow through or their view of the business didn’t mesh with our knowledge. We will talk about that as well.

Join Us at the Music Garage to meet the team and to learn more: 3 Mics Thursdays Events, Compilations Records, Covers Music Strategy, Tour Opportunities, Promotional Opportunities, Book Publishing, And More…

The informational will take place on Thrusday, November 30, 2017 a the Music Garage, 345 North Loomis, Chicago, IL in the Showcase Room (RM 515) at 7:30 PM CST.

Sherree Lee
Chicago Creed Music Group
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