Rotorua, New Zealand — Monday, July 20th, 2020 — Cyberdour’s Prophet album proclaims victory for all through sentiments of hope and finding love in times of turbulence and trouble. Selecting songs from over eight hundred he has written through the years, he says many predate events that have since occurred. “The Promised Land” is such an example. Written before Bruce Springsteen wrote one with the same title, it questions the restlessness of the heart in its desire to travel great distances, something which became an expectation for many until recently. From his native country of New Zealand, he reaches out through lyrics to the hearts and lives of others around the world in a way unable to be achieved prior to the digital age. Hence the name Cyberdour.


The metaphysical symbolism of light and darkness in ” The Prophet”, with its Gospel backing vocals, to the heeding of signs and choices made in ” Talking Without Words” typify the poetic lyrics and sounds in the album. Available on Spotify, Google Play, YouTube Music, Deezer, Apple Music, the songs search the souls of humankind.

Quoting U2s Bono he says songwriters are prophets as they encapsulate the spirit of an occasion. He believes many thoughts and beliefs are universally shared and unite soul mates world wide. Music he says helps to bring together such unity. In his song “We Belong”  he uses phrases expressed by the indigenous people of North America that are held in common with those of his own country regarding the use of natural resources. In the end, he says, nature wins and should be respected accordingly.

Since the dawn of humankind, prophets have struggled to be taken seriously. Their words often connect to something beyond human understanding and desire but if heeded could avoid regrettable outcomes.

The album speaks from the past and addresses the present. Victory is for all he believes when words are taken to heart.

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