Dennis LeupoldCamilizers, start your engines.  After a few days of teases on social media, Camila Cabello has confirmed that she’s releasing some new music this week.

In a tweet posted on Tuesday, we see a golden key lying across what looks like two playing cards.  One says “Shameless”; the other says “Liar.”  We then see the words “Shameless” and “Liar” spelled out in white gothic type against a black background, followed by the words “September 5.”

While it’s not clear if Camila is going to release two songs, or just one song called “Shameless Liar,” we do know something’s coming on Thursday.

Over the weekend, Camila posted several teases of her new project on social media. In a lengthy video, she mused on what it feels like to be truly in love.  In another video, we see a stately mansion flying a flag with an “R” on top. Then we see the words, “A museum of loves and the stories they’ve left behind. Welcome to the world of Romance.”

On her Instagram Story, we see similar images, as well as an invitation to “truly surrender to the drama” and “experience the first installment” on September 5.

If Camila’s new project is called Romance, she’s definitely had a lot of experience over the past few months:  She split with her boyfriend Matthew Hussey and has now — apparently — taken up with her “Senorita” duet partner Shawn Mendes.

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