JACKSON, Tenn. — A new music video, which debuted earlier today, brings together several West Tennesseans for a very important message.

WBBJ did a story on Clifford Ray Walker’s song “I’ll Be There” a few months ago.

Now, he’s back with his new song “Pray,” which talks about some more serious topics.

“Suicide and addiction, they have no parameter of age,” Walker said.

He started working on the song at the end of August, and in just a week had it written.

In September, he teamed up with the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network to get more West Tennesseans involved.

“A couple of them who had dealt with addiction, and one that had planned out his demise. And, through Jesus Christ, was able to turn his life around,” Walker said about the people in the video.

Walker also has a personal connection to the topic. His mom’s best friend was killed the day before he graduated high school.

“She was murdered over just a little more than $50 worth of drugs,” he said.

In 2016, Walker was a student at the University of Memphis Lambuth, and during his time, he said, he grew creatively inside the HPAC building on campus.  That’s why he chose to shoot part of his music video inside the building.

Walker says he has a real connection to the building.

“It’s worn down; it’s cold; it’s kind of been beaten up, but it’s withstood the storm,” he said.

The video debuted at noon Friday on YouTube and Facebook.

“My goal for this, and my only goal, that somebody will see this, and say ‘I still do have a choice,’” Walker said.

If you want to see the video, click here.