The W stands for What – World Healing and Transformation

A team of media professionals are starting a revolution: To win one billion people to Christ through digital streaming.

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND, April 24, 2019 — WhatTV consists of a team of highly committed professionals whose combined media experience exceeds 100 years. They are starting a revolution by taking the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world to every Internet user via trending media platforms. WhatTV is not just a catchy phrase, but also contains an acronym that carries a deeper meaning: World healing and transformation. Their brand name What, is also a question, conveying their approach of answering important questions from a Christian worldview. In essence, WhatTV gives answers to ‘what’ people are looking for through innovative TV media (stories, news, shows, music, vlogs, etc.), which promotes healing and transformation.

Since no single channel can serve the media interests of the entire world, WhatTV are launching multiple channels, each one serving the cultural needs of every region of the world. Whilst their headquarters are in Boston, USA led by Dr. James Sideras, their South Asian channel is led by Danny Choranji in Birmingham—the UK’s second biggest city. Programmes from WhatTV South Asia will include inspirational gospel artists and speakers from the South Asian Christian diaspora. As such, the team at WhatTV South Asia would be glad to hear from contributors interested in joining this new revolution in Christian TV media.

COMING SOON in 2019: WhatMusic will distribute gospel music through various streaming services such as: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Deezer, Pandora and Tidal. Listeners will also be able to purchase their content via popular digital download sites. All cultural genres such as bhangra, ghazals and folk Bollywood will also be included in gospel music productions. Their ultimate goal is to produce and distribute musical content that promotes world healing and transformation through the message of Jesus Christ.

Dr. James Sideras – President
With 25 years business experience, James earned his doctorate at the University of Hertfordshire after growing his own award winning UK business. James also travels the nations as a Christian evangelist.

Danny Choranji – South Asia Director
Danny was with the BBC for 13 years as both presenter and producer. He won a national award for his Asian family program ‘Eastern Beat’ and his musical band, DCS, won double platinum.

Raffoul Najem — Arabic Director
Originally from Beirut in Lebanon, Pastor Najem has been proclaiming the gospel to the nations with power for 30 years. He also has 25 years media experience, co-hosting the “Good News Show” – a Middle East TV program, in partnership with “The 700 Club.”

Rick Kay – Creative Director
With over 25 years media experience, Rick co-pioneered two of the largest Christian TV channels in Europe.

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