CHICAGO — A benefit concert was held Saturday night to help a 15-year-old musician shot during a police shootout.

As soundchecks were underway at Martyrs’ on Lincoln Avenue, one band was noticeably absent.

15-year-old Lane Tech student Rylan Wilder is the lead singer and guitarist of Monarchy Over Monday.

Wilder was shot following a bank robbery and police pursuit that ended in Old Irving Park. He was accidentally shot by a police officer as he was interning at a music store on Irving Park Road.

Earlier this week, Wilder’s family sued the surviving robbery suspect. The family was also granted access to evidence from the scene.

“I can tell you all,” his mother Lucia Morales said. “This whole part of his arm is pretty much gone.”

Wilder was shot in the arm and the abdomen and has had several surgeries since then.

The owner of Martyrs’ said he wants Wilder to know the community is behind him.

“He’s got a lot of energy he’s got great stage presence, we’re just hoping that he keeps his spirits up,” Martyr’s owner Ray Quinn said

Wilder’s family said Ryan is determined to overcome his injuries.