Quebec City, Province of Quebec – November 10th, 2021- Rare are artists who are able to effectively tell a good story using their music. Raynald Grenier has definitely earned himself a place in that crowd by delivering an album that proves that he is no less than a musical genius. His latest album, ‘Beth & Noa – The Ballet’, is about Princess Beth, the beloved daughter of the King, who is madly in love with Noa, a young and handsome soldier in the King’s army. Raynald Grenier pens the tale of these two lovers in such spectacular detail that audience are left having a musical experience unlike any other. Spanning 10 excerpts, the Ballet itself is composed and written by Raynald Grenier, who showcases his talents as a composer and as a writer of Classical Ballet.

Released on all digital platforms worldwide on October 1st, 2021, fans are hooked to the storytelling and captivating instrumentals in his work. What makes his music unique is the fact that Raynald believes strongly in it, and in the fact that it transports people, and takes them to a higher level, one of an elevated soul and spirit.

Reviews from critics for all songs in the Ballet have been glowing. Critics rave about the brilliance of his craft, and how those that appreciate Classical orchestrations will undoubtedly find themselves enjoying Raynald Grenier’s artistic efforts to their fullest.

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Raynald Grenier is a rising composer and songwriter who has unearthed his latest album ‘Beth & Noa – The Ballet’, to much critical acclaim. In this album, he delivers a storytelling experience so masterfully crafted that audiences tend to lose themselves in the act. His music has a fantastic kinetic energy, something that is separating him from others in the music industry. Inspired by Mozart and Beethoven, Raynald Grenier is currently finishing the composition of the music for his sixth album, which is scheduled for release in spring 2022, titled ‘Symphony No 1 in D minor’.



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