A Dundee band is back after a hiatus of more than a year, with a brand new line-up and brand new gigs.

Carousel hit the Dundee live music scene back in November 2016, but after masses of success, supporting the likes of Cast and being tipped as one of the ones to watch by indie promoters, This Feeling, the group took a break in June last year.

Familiar face, Bradley Kennedy, will still be fronting the band as lead singer and backing guitar as Ryan Thain joins him as lead guitarist, Chris Wood comes in on drums and well known Dundee musician Ronnie Falconer will be on bass and backing vocals.

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Bradley with band manager Martin Low.

Brad said that the break was always in the plans but it happened a little bit earlier than expected due to an exciting arrival.

“The downtime was always intended because my girlfriend Becca Hood and I were expecting our daughter.

“Our daughter Rae decided to come five weeks early so the last gig we played was supporting Cast at The Reading Rooms and after that I had an operation so that started the downtime a bit earlier than expected.”

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The band are excited to be back touring.

During the break Brad played keys for John O’Groats band Neon Waltz as they toured the country and realised that he wanted to expand where the band have played.

Now he and the rest of the band are excited to get back on the road.

Brad added: “Put it this way – there’s four boys in this band who absolutely love touring so that’s what we are gonna do . . . tour.

“I love everything about being in a band. I went on tour to play keys with Neon Waltz and it made me realise we’ve played to hardly anybody.

“We’ve played to people in Scotland – that’s it. Neon Waltz are travelling from the end of the world to play, what’s stopping us?

“There’s plenty more places we’ve yet to go and we will be going.

“We were held back before because we weren’t able to take every gig we got offered but that’s changed as we just recently got a van so we’ll play anywhere that will have us.”

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In January last year, following a tour around Scotland, Carousel were recognised by promoter Mikey Jonns, who runs This Feeling, and were named as one of their “Big in 2018” bands.

Mikey has been influential in the signing of a number of bands throughout the UK and can name brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher and members of Kasabian as friends.

Regardless of their break, the promoter, who has also backed the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen and Blossoms, still rates the band and has brought them on board for a home town This Feeling show on November 8 supporting The Capollos at Beat Generator.

They will also be heading to Glasgow to support Crown State at the 13th Note on October 21.

The lead singer said: “Like I said we will be concentrating more on touring than releasing music but new music will obviously be coming.

“We have a This Feeling Dundee show on November 8, a big thanks to Mikey and George at This Feeling for still believing in us and putting us forward for this gig.

“I’d also like to thank our new management Discovery Music for getting right behind us.

“Big things to come!”