The album was recorded in 1985 with two American musicians, Glen Velez and Layne Redmond.

The next release on Music From Memory is a one-off album from Suso Saiz’s Música Esporádica project.

Música Esporádica was born in 1985 when American musicians Glen Velez and Layne Redmond travelled to Madrid for a frame drum seminar. Velez was already friends with Saiz, and during a catch-up in Saiz’s studio that year, the two decided to bring in the Orquesta De Las Nubes (already reissued by Music From Memory) and their friend Miguel Herrero to record some new music.

The finished product comprises four lengthy tracks with the Orquesta, plus Herrero on guitar and synthesizer, Velez and Redmond on percussion and Saiz on guitar and electronics.

The Spanish artist Saiz has become a staple of the Music From Memory roster as of late—in addition to last year’s Orquesta De Las Dubes reissue, he released an album of new material this past spring, another one in 2018 and a career-spanning compilation in 2016.

Listen to clips of the LP.

01. Música Esporádica

02. I Forgot The Shirts

03. Meciendo El Engaño

04. Combustión Interna

Music From Memory will release Música Esporádica on November 25th, 2019.